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As Freedom Spirit Yoga and Wellness, our mission is to offer opportunities for you to learn how to care for yourself as a whole:


*Upcoming Events*

September 15-16, 2016

Wisdom Warriors Training with Desiree Rumbaugh and Karen Church, Zurich Switzerland
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Registration form for Wisdom Warriors Training with Desiree Rumbaugh and Karen Church in Zurich, September 15-16 2016


September 17-18, 2016

Yoga Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivin, Zurich Switzerland
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Registration form for Yoga Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Rivin in Zurich, September 17-18 2016


September 23-26, 2016

Yoga Immersion 1 with Ezgi Fisher, Zurich Switzerland

(2016/2017 200hr Yoga Teacher Tranining Part 1/6)

(2016/2017 100hr Yoga Immersion Part 1/3)

@Zurich, details

Registration form for 2016/2017 200 Hour Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training with Ezgi Fisher in Zurich, September 2016-March 2017


October 1-8, 2016

Yoga Retreat in Mallorca with Ezgi Fisher, Mallorca Spain
@Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat Centerdetails

Registration form for Yoga Retreat in Mallorca with Ezgi Fisher, October 1-8 2016

Please check  "Event Schedule" for the complete schedule of workshops, retreats, immersions and trainings. 

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